Ear Hustlin’: New Music By Truth Universal x Eternal x Amir Driver x BeOND

Truth Universal
Produced by DJ Def D
Truth’s ode to everyone’s favorite subject is given new dimension behind Mark Lester’s animated video. Easily one of the better clips I’ve seen this year.

“Only Thing I Need Is You”
Tim Video directs this clip as Eternal gives the ladies a dose of New Jersey’s thug passion. Video co-stars Lorena.

Amir Driver feat. T.V.
“Want It All”
Produced by Veano
A.Driver keeps it real on this tale of addiction & it’s often high price. “Smile. The whole world wants to see you.”

BeOND feat. Lucky I Am
“Moment Of Truth”
This cationary tale of watching the company you keep is the lead single for “Everythingz Backwards,” dropping 3/15, via Project Blowed recordings/Acid Lab records.


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