Gone But Not Forgotten: A Twibute To Luke Walton


A night before Luke Walton lost the cushiest spot in the NBA, after an overtime win against the New Orleans Hornets, something in me snapped, & I decided to make Luke Walton a target for some jokery on Twitter.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Luuuuuuuuuke was on the trading block, up for auction.

When the news of his actual trade went viral the next day, it was quickly overshadowed by Derek Fisher’s even more shocking trade. & rightfully so, I might add. Derek Fisher is a Los Angeles Lakers legend, & no one that can take that away from him. Luke Walton, on the other hand, will probably not get the send-off that he deserves, even though he’s been a part of the Lakers franchise long than most of the roster. (& has more championship rings than your favorite player.) Therefore, we at R&WIFDP want to send Luke off with a hefty salute. & a hearty laugh.

Thanks for keeping the bench warm, Luke. Good luck in Ohio. If you see Cam’ron, Lebron James, or Drew Carey, be sure to get an autograph.


2 comments on “Gone But Not Forgotten: A Twibute To Luke Walton

  1. markdub7 says:

    Luke Walton is what they call a glue-guy…I think they glued his ass to the bench. Lol

    Right now, Kobe is singing “I wish it would have been another… how long will they mourn my brother?” Happy trails, D-Fish.


  2. DV says:

    Bout damn time.(about 7 years overdue). Thanks to Grands I now know what his purpose was. The Weedman. That has to be it. I bet his dad is his connect.

    I cant believe they traded Fish (i know Kobe was hot). He may get bought out since he hasnt reported yet. Maybe then the Lakers can sign him back for the remainder of the season.

    Now Gasoft punkass can quit crying and get back to getting physically mollywhopped in the paint (while at the same time dropping 18+/10+)

    I like the new look Lakers though. Kupchak did good after almost completely destroying the team for 1 player (twice). The ability to keep Bynum and Gasoft and get the PG of the future while giving up basically nothing but a draft pick, is genius at work. This also makes up for trading Odom away and not getting anything in return.


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