In The News 3/16/12

Roc-A-Fella’s Kareem “Biggs” Burke Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges /HipHopWired/

Major ISPs to turn into copyright police by July, says RIAA /DigitalTrends/

Rapper Danny Brown On Stand-Up Comedy and Hip Hop /Fuse/

Scientists create “unprinting” technology /SlashGear/

Childish Gambino Injured: Rapper Fractures Foot, Reschedules Tour /Spinner/

Lakers Trade for Sessions; Fisher Exits /NYTimes/

Constructing Race & Masculinity in Hip-Hop Culture: ‘From Jim Crow to Jay-Z’ /PopMatters/

Hashtag This! Rush Limbaugh Joins Twitter To Mobilize His Army /Medialite/

Nate Dogg Remembered: One Year Later /MTV/

Feds Turn to Google for Alleged Pimp’s Phone /NBCSanDiego/


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