In The News 3/20/12


Justice Dept, Feds to investigate death of Trayvon Martin /USAToday/

Nas talks stepping to Tupac and Death Row in Central Park /TheGrio/

b>Apple Sells Record 3 Million New IPads /BusinessWeek/

Children’s Story: Should Hip-Hop Have a Mandatory Retirement Age? /AllHipHop/

EA’s poor-performing console, iOS game servers being shuttered /SlashGear/

Trend at SXSW: Mixtape rap is the new indie rock /EW/

Lamar Odom says he did not request a trade from Lakers /<a href="; alt="ESP

Concern growing over synthetic marijuana /Yahoo/

Ashton Kutcher signs on to go into space /ChicagoTribune/

Coregasm Revisited: Sex At The Gym That Won’t Get You Divorced /Science20/


2 comments on “In The News 3/20/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I’m glad that the Feds are taking over the Trayvon Martin case as local law enforcement were unable & unwilling to arrest a man who clearly violated the law and murdered a child based on racial prejudice.


  2. DV says:

    1. What took the Feds so long? If it was the other way around and race and roles where reversed……..
    2. Come on Nas, dont go the Prodigy route. Especially since its been widely reported (for years now) that it was the other way around.
    3. Nobody calls for the Rock artist to retire when they get old. Springsteen just dropped a new album and hes like 70 years old. Shoutout to GZA pushing 50 and still touring as we speak. 5. Let it go LO. Whats done is done.


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