In The News 3/21/12


Two shot after rapper Tyga’s concert in Omaha /Reuters/

Nokia patents ‘vibrating tattoo’ that would let you ‘feel’ who’s calling /DigitalTrends/

Suspect indicted in death of rapper Slim Dunkin /AJC/

Andrew Bynum’s exit irks Mike Brown /ESPN/

Queens Rapper Nas Expresses ‘Hip Hop Has To Thank God For Jay-Z’ /ThisBeatGoes/

Manning, John Elway praised Tim Tebow; Elway said no decision on Tebow’s future /CNN/

The Harsh Reality Of Guns & Hip-Hop /GlobalGrind/

Man Successfully Flies With Custom-Built Bird Wings /Wired/

Trayvon Martin Killing: Hip-Hop and R&B Artists Join Fight for Justice /TheBoomBox/

Arm blood pressure differences ‘predict death risk’ /BBC/

Apple’s New IPad ‘Significantly Hotter,’ Consumer Reports Says /BusinessWeek/


8 comments on “In The News 3/21/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    The vibrating tattoo? ILL…how does anybody even ever come up w/that shite?

    Nas shows Jay a LOT of love now. It’s funny….10 years ago, them dudes were trying to dead each other’s careers. Things have come full circle.

    Do y’all think it’s crazy to consider that maybe Tebow should stay in Denver and learn the QB position from one of the best to ever suit up? The only reason I’d trade him is to try to load up on what you could get for him, but I think studying under Manning might help mold him into a real NFL QB.

    I built some wings once too….when I was 7….and they didn’t work like that. Seriously….that isht was AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing that one, Grands. Reposting to my blog in 5…4….3…2…1…

    I’m glad people are getting behind this Trayvon Martin case as they are. These are truly the depths of what racial profiling can result in, and I want this child’s family to receive justice for his murder.


  2. Technique says:

    I’m from Omaha, born and raised. It’s not all cornfields and shit around here like the world thinks… Haa, I’m glad I don’t listen to Tyga’s wack ass or I might of been around that bull shit.


  3. DV says:

    1. When keeping it real goes wrong. Chalemagne broke down the whole audio and it sounds pretty accurate. If he was really bout it (like he was woofin) he wouldve went into the crowd after the thrower but then the result there of may have been even worse then what already happened.

    2. Elway is a cold piece of work. Back when Tebow had won like his 3rd game they made a cut to Elway in the skybox. He wasnt happy and the commentator called him out live in game. They where expecting him to fail. Elway better hope a) Manning really is “good to go” and b) Manning doesnt get hurt again. I wouldve held on to Tebow for 1 more year. It wouldve served both parties well.


    • Tony Grands says:

      Charlemange was catching hell on Twitter for telling LaLa that Melo cheats (I’m paraphrasing)… But anywho-

      Tyga should be a lesson to rappers to chill. Sure, everybody wants to be a part of their own hype, but for what it’s worth, THOSE DUDES HAD ALL INTENTIONS OF HITTING PEOPLE WITH BULLETS. Attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, etc. Hate is a brand new animal in 2012.
      These broke, faceless people out in the world don’t give a fuck about success & happiness. He offered himself up to the wolves that night. & if he didn’t know God before, I hope he does now.


  4. Technique says:

    Haha You should Tweet him that Grands. Maybe he needs somebody to break it down for him.


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