In The News 3/22/12


Trayvon Martin: civil rights, victim rights, and the right to bear arms /Examiner/

UFO Mysteriously Appears In Aspiring Rapper’s Hip-Hop Video /HuffingtonPost/

Mysterious winged “bird man” exposed as a hoax /SlashGear/

Snoop Dogg And Manager Sued For Allegedly Assaulting Tour Bus Driver /ThisBeatGoes/

Twitter Turns Six With 140 Million Active Users /PCMag/

Uprising: Hip-Hop and the LA Riots: SXSW Review /HollywoodReporter/

NFL suspensions and the need to protect integrity of sport /LATimes/

The Closing Of Megaupload & The Industry’s Conflicted View Of Digital Distribution Services /HipHopDX/

Bryant and Lake Show dominate Mavericks /USAToday/

Trayvon Martin Case: Questlove, Big Boi, John Legend Rally On Teen’s Behalf /RapFix/

R. Kelly Releases Video Teaser for New Chapters of ‘Trapped in the Closet’ /AceShowBiz/


One comment on “In The News 3/22/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    The “bird man” being exposed as a hoax is heartbreaking. I thought it was amazing. Sadly, as often with that which is truly awe-inspiring in this world, it was too good to be true.

    Justice for Trayvon and his family. It’s not asking too much.

    I hope somebody traps R. Kelly in a closet, and never lets him out. Ever.


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