The Ultimate Lunch Break


It’s time for the crew at RAWIFDP to do a little housekeeping, recalibrating, reorganizing, & re-upping.

All gears will be grinding again – full-speed – on Monday, April 2, 2012 (unless the world explodes or something first). Enjoy the rest of your week, & if you get bored, find solace in the hundreds of posts & stacks of content we have on deck.

One more thing…

We are looking for contributors. Seriously. Anything from album reviewers to advice givers to shit-talkers to good ol’ Hip Hop curmudgeons with a chip on their shoulder & a computer in the basement. Anyone interested in helping to give voice & shine light on our beautiful culture, please contact us at Inquires will be taken seriously, so definitely think about making that move. You’ll thank me later.

Aside from that, good luck, God speed, & look both ways before you cross your girlfriend. See ya Monday.


2 comments on “The Ultimate Lunch Break

  1. Capital G says:

    Enjoy your vacation and be easy fam. We’ll check you when you get back next week.


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