Poor Black Kid


Words by Malcolm Maximillion

I was a poor black kid in America. Now I’m a poor black adult in America attempting to corrupt the broken system of social/economic hierarchy we have here in America. Niggas got it fucked up. You think cause our president is black, we’re straight? Get the fuck out the paint and drink your gatorade you bench warming imbecile.

I read an article today entitled, “If I Was A Poor Black Kid” written by *gasp* a middle aged white man. A lot of people are appalled by this article. I’m not. It took a nice amount of balls and ignorance on his behalf to write that piece of shit article.

I thought the article had two major flaws. The first mistake he made writing it was being white. The second mistake builds upon the first one. He wrote what he would do with the knowledge that he has been able to easily acquire as a middle age white man.

With an article entitled “If I Were A Poor Black Kid” you’d hope it was written by some immigrant from some third world country instead of a middle aged white man. Especially in America. Did he not get the memo? You need someone that has been equally oppressed as a human being because of their skin color or any other stupid reason to really write a decent article about what they would do if they were another oppressed color instead. Only people I can think of that have been equally oppressed is Iranian muslim women. Not to mention the article reads like he’s attempting to sell some poor black kid a dream on some mentor type shit instead of teaching a life lesson.

It really bothers me he wrote what he would do though. Does this motherfucker know that if he was a poor black kid he wouldn’t have all that knowledge about different schooling, technology, and such? That’s not information that’s routinely passed around as a kid. Unless your uncle steals computers too. I learned about different schooling because I had a friend growing up that played sports which got him into different schools filled with white children and practically no danger while I dodged gangs, bullets, and drugs. Even then, my parents couldn’t afford it so the knowledge of it isn’t enough to help any poor black kid that’s like me.

The author also doesn’t fully understand the concept of being poor in my poor opinion. Being poor is a cycle you don’t fully grasp and understand until you’re in your late teens. Shit, I didn’t realize what it was to be poor until I made the decision to be an adult and have responsibilities and shit.

Granted, I’m still poor. For the most part its a vicious fucking cycle with less options than an on and off switch. Its so many variables involved with being poor that you can only give generic “you can make it too” answers. I could only write what I would do in my poor upbringing if I was a kid again and even that might not be relatable to the average poor kid. Especially a poor black one.

I got a better idea. How about we get someone who was actually poor and black to write this article? My girlfriend was just telling me about 3 doctors from New Jersey that were poor and Black and made it. My idea? Get them to write it and stop selling education alone to poor minorities and start selling determination too.

Pain is the inspiration.

Words by Malcolm Maximillion


One comment on “Poor Black Kid

  1. realnagan says:

    i’m poor as fuck at the moment, white though so another story all together. i’ld never be retarded enough to speak at peeps not me though.telling em how to do shit.
    good shit mate hope to see more


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