In The News 4/4/12


Diggy Simmons on Dissing J. Cole: I Was Just Sticking Up for My Family » AceShowbiz

Lakers Fine Andrew Bynum for “Numerous Infractions” » CBSSports

GZA Talks Lectures, Science and ‘Dark Matter’ » RollingStone

‘Dumb and Dumber 2’ filming this year, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels » CNN

Kanye West: “Big Sean Will Be ‘Best Rapper Of All Time'” » MTV

‘Angry Birds,’ the Animated Series, Coming This Fall » LATimes

Plies And The Six Elements That Made Him A Calculated Rapper » StarPulse

Keith Olbermann on Current TV Dismissal: “I Screwed Up” » EOnline

Tornadoes rip into Dallas-Ft. Worth area » Yahoo

80-year-old woman lands plane low on fuel after husband pilot died » Telegraph

A Brief Primer On Riff Raff, The (Really Good) Houston Rapper Who Will Be Portrayed On Screen By James Franco  » VillageVoice


One comment on “In The News 4/4/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I heard J Cole’s verse on grew-up fast; I didn’t think he was dissing Diggy or Vanessa. Maybe Diggy took offense to his album only move 20,000 units in the first week. I’d be mad too.

    Yo…I love hearing GZA kick that super-scientific shit in his rhymes. Mostly because he’s really on point with it. One of my favorite Wu-tang clansmen.

    Dumb & Dumber 2? Bananites! Im Glad to see that Jim hasn’t decided he’s too big to do that kind of film.

    Kanyé makes another grandiose prediction. Shocking. Lol!

    I’m a big Keith Olbermann fan. I hate to see him fall. He’ll soon again will have a platform to speak.

    The old lady that landed the plane, AFTER her husband had died is a real G!


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