In The News 4/5/12


Google unveils virtual reality glasses » Telegraph

YG: “Rappers That Turn Down XXL Freshman Cover Probably Scared” » BET

Los Angeles Coroner Releases Whitney Houston Autopsy Report » TheSmokingGun

Berkeley Rapper Lil B To Lecture At N.Y.U. » Patch

Lakers beat Clippers » HuffingtonPost

Nicki Minaj Is the Influential Leader of Hip-Hop »

Anonymous turns its fire on China » TheRegister

Common sense: Rapper speaks at Ohio State » TheLantern

Cooking: The 1-Million-Year-Old Technology » TheAtlantic

10 Most Prolific Beards in Hip-Hop » AllHipHop

Cancer diagnosis raises risk of heart attack and suicide, study says » LATimes


3 comments on “In The News 4/5/12

  1. I could see a cancer diagnosis doing that to people. I don’t think I’d commit suicide but I’d damn near have a heart attack.


  2. markdub7 says:

    The virtual-reality glasses? BANANITES!!!

    If this point is anyone surprised that Whitney had cocaine in her system and it contributed to her death? Bobby has been clean for 3 years, so can we also stop throwing him busward? Thanks.

    The Mamba struck again last night. Say what I will, the Lakers still have one of the most intimidating frontlines in basketball.


  3. DV says:

    4. As much as I get a kick and good laugh out of Lil B i can only imagine how horribly wrong this “lecture” can go. Unless hes like a member of that High IQ club on the low (i hear E-40 is). Maybe thats why Jay Electronica is really doing a project with him.

    6. I really miss Lauryn Hill. If anybody sees her please tell her hiphop needs her. I like Iggy, and Sno the Product but Lauryn is like the “Luke Skywalker/Neo” of this Femcee shit.

    7. Anybody else find it weird these guys havent been shutdown already? Come on as elaborate as the governments network is supposed to be and you mean to tell me they havent tracked these guys down yet? Unless of course they are in cahoots hmmm…….


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