In The News 4/9/12


10-year-old girl gives birth » ABCNews

Rapper G. Dep, Who Admitted To 1993 Murder, Faces Trial » WashingtonPost

Two arrested in shootings of black men in Oklahoma » LATimes

Jennifer Hudson plays key role in murder trial » LATimes

Is Eve Going After Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea? » AllHipHop

South Korea Says North Preparing for Nuclear Test » BusinessWeek

Memphis Hip Hop Community Comes Together For Trayvon Martin » MemphisRap

Three futuristic products you’ll never own » ComputerWorld

Location-Based Apps Aren’t Evil, They’re Lazy. Here’s How to Fix Mobile Privacy » Forbes

Juvenile Wants Paternity Test of His 13-Year Old Son » AceShowbiz

Five charged after Chinese teen sells kidney to buy iPhone » USAToday


One comment on “In The News 4/9/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    The 10 year old girl having a baby? The reason I am happy to not have a girl child. I’d have to kill someone.

    Can they give a muhfugga the chair in Oklahoma? If so, I hope those muthas get it. I know you feel pain over someone killing your pops, but to snuff people just b/c they’re the same color as the mutha that killed your pops? SMH

    Eve’s a little too long in the tooth to be trying to get at Nikki now. But Eve can spit that spat, so we’ll see.

    As bad as muthas drive nowadays, I don’t want to see the carnage that would ensue with flying cars…


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