No Homo?


Words by Malcolm Maximillion

My girlfriend and I were having a discussion, hypothetically speaking about our hypothetical son coming out of the closet. Weird conversation indeed but in these days and times, you’ll never know who’s gay until its revealed. After that conversation, I began to go through the what ifs about my friends. What if one of my friends were gay?

Should it matter?

We’re supposed to be brothers.

Brothers love unconditionally (pause internets), right?

Apparently, Havoc, via his twitter page, doesn’t think so. But until this is placed in some type of credible publication or youtube footage, we’re not going to take this as the truth. Instead, we’re going to have our own hypothetical conversation about it.

So what if Prodigy was indeed having sex with an inmate while serving his time? Does this mean he deserves to be ridiculed via twitter by his brother in rhyme? Does this mean he can’t be excepted in hip hop anymore?

With so many homophobic lyrics in hip hop, its easy to see why Prodigy, hypothetically speaking, having sex with men in jail could provide problems for his hip hop career. Because hip hop doesn’t accept homosexuality unless its lesbianism. Hip hop works on the aggressiveness of the alpha male and for some reason to the majority of hip hop consumers, a gay person can not be such. He must be deemed a punk, pussy, queer, faggot, and (insert gay slur here).

Prodigy has said some of the most hardcore lines in hip hop. I guess no (insert gay slur here) can be as such. I’m calling bullshit here. If you ever watched ‘The Wire’, my favorite character, Omar would prove my point.

Honestly, Prodigy is one of my favorite rappers. If he turns out to be gay, cool. Same rule that I would give my son, I’ll give him. As long as he’s not looking like Charles Barkley in those new Weight Watcher ads he can do his thang. His sexually doesn’t affect me at all. I would just find it weird if he started wearing dresses and shit.

Either way, we just had our important conversation. We can ignore rappers but we can’t ignore gays and their struggles to be accepted. Truthfully, your favorite rapper may be gay already so you’re probably already listening to one. Just don’t stop listening when someone pushes him or he comes out.

Words by Malcolm Maximillion


5 comments on “No Homo?

  1. markdub7 says:

    Great post. And I agree with you wholeheartedly. I’m a firm believer in gay people having the right to love whoever they want. What they do in their bedrooms aint my business; what you eat won’t make me shit. But unfortunately, there are MANY cats who still have a manic, near-hyperbolic fear of gay dudes. Some of my frineds still feel that way. Though times change, often, people won’t, and if Prodigy should be exposed as gay, I don’t think the hip hop community will still embrace him as it has. All of his accomplishments may now be blemmished under the cloud of whether or not he had relations w/a man while locked up.


  2. Pierzy says:

    My best friend is gay and while I had my thoughts, when he told me it didn’t change a thing. He was/is still the same person he was before. For people to believe that their favorite actors, artists, musicians, etc… couldn’t possibly be gay is both naive and dangerous. Judging and discriminating someone based on their sexuality is no different from doing so for their color or gender. It’s 2012, let’s all grow up.


  3. Tony Grands says:

    I’ll say it’s a little bit different than going outside of your race if only because those issues have been around for a very long time, in the public eye. Society has had a chance to “come to grips” with mullatos & halfers, so to speak.. But it took time.

    Not to long ago, Black men were lynched for looking at White women… Right to marry? What about a right to stay alive?

    People, in general, aren’t ready to openly chill in such a brand new environment, & it makes them uncomfortable.

    Like all communal & societal issues, time will smooth out the rough spots. I think.


  4. I agree. Give it some time and it’ll even out. Its at the point where it has to.


  5. realnagan says:

    i agree with your viewpoints on this topic. Like George Carlin said “it’s more pussy for me” if there are gay dudes around. I Have a close friend who ended up coming out as gay. I was a lil weird about it at first but it’s he awas the same cat i grew up with . So it would make me a smaller person not to accept him for who he is
    i have had several gay cats come through dojo’s i have been a member of, and yeah like Omar from the wire, gay doesn’t = soft. Nice blokes but , tough as nails. stereotypes are nearly always broken eventually

    Locally a gay politician , called for gays to out themselves, so society as a whole gets more used to being an “out” gay presence. Dana White from the UFC made a call too i think for MMA cats to not be afraid to be who they are publicly. I agree with those sentiments to the fullest

    Great article Mr Maximillion!


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