In The News 4/11/12


Mega Millions winners claim prizes, choose anonymity » USAToday

Rapper G. Dep says prosecutors have matched him to wrong shooting » NYPost

George Zimmerman’s attorneys quit; announcement in case imminent » LATimes

Fat Joe Calls Mobb Deep Situation “A Sad Day In Hip Hop” » HipHop

Place your bets on who Zuckerberg buys after Instagram » CNET

DJ Whoo Kid Talks Hollywood, Hip-Hop and the Evolution of Rapper Beef » VIBE

Police, feds target cellphone thieves by limiting their resale market » WashingtonPost

Axed rapper P Diddy hits back at Supafest » HeraldSun

The Brits have hot-dog-stuffed-crust pizza, but we can beat that! » LATimes

Mobb Deep not breaking up, says Havoc » RapCartel


One comment on “In The News 4/11/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Zimmerman’s attorneys quit b/c of his erratic behavior, eh? Still sound like an innocent man to anyone? How many people are going to continue to try to shield this racist d-bag?


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