In The News 4/13/12


Newark mayor Cory Booker treated after helping at house fire » USAToday

Sources Say Mobb Deep Will Never Put Out Another Album » AllHipHop

A Baby Quantum Internet Was Born Today » Discovery

Full Stream Of “MTV’s Hip-Hop POV” Released » HipHopDX

Baboons can spot real words » CBSNews

Late rapper Nate Dogg to perform at Coachella via hologram » MSN

Facebook to Make More Personal Data Available to Users » eWeek

Memphis Rapper Don Trip Gets Death Threats on Twitter » MemphisRap

Funding Frenzy! iPhone-Friendly Watch Nets $1 Million More on Kickstarter » Mashable

Bang! The Long, Loud History of Gunshots in Music » TheAtlantic

Video game sales sink 25% in March » USAToday


11 comments on “In The News 4/13/12

  1. realnagan says:

    1. cory booker is the man! even living in OZ i have heard of him, and i have nothing but respect for him. Saw him in a documentary a while ago on how the elections went down over there, and he lived in an apartment with run of the mill folks for 8 years. Respect!!! He was recently on the PBS show finding your roots too (great show btw). Politicians should look to him as a role model, and have no doubt he is inspiring someone to be a better person/politician. Love that dude!
    2. Mobb Deeps days are behind them IMO just haven’t really checked them for years. Blood Money i think was the last album i copped from them. oh well
    3. Big things indeed may become of this tech
    5. Animals are crazy with how smart they can be, i live in a rural area and i hunt so i get to witness some of there behaviour in a natural setting and a lot of people would be surprised at the shit they do. (i only kill introduced feral species. they fuck the environment up here. i ain’t a killhappy hunter)
    8. Keyboard warriors making threats SMH


  2. markdub7 says:

    1. Get Mayor Booker a cape! Super Mayor! That was DOPE! I’ve been a fan, but this shines him in a new light.


  3. Technique says:

    Is it just me, or is XXL biting your shit extra hard? First with the lists, now have you saw the “quick hitter” headlines? They shoulda just put you on rather than jack all your ideas.


  4. Capital G says:

    Hologram ‘Pac?! I know everyone saw video of that shit. Was it projected on a screen or did they really get down with some R2D2 shit and make a 3D hologram? Shit was eerie. Something about zombie rappers performing live is just a bit much for me to process. It was like the Walking Dead and Up in Smoke tour had an illegitimate hologram baby. Cool ass idea, unsettling delivery.


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