Ear Hustlin’: Music By Blacastan|Hasan Salaam|Chuuwee|Loch|Myster DL

Independent artists interested in submitting material for possible future inclusion may do so at RAWIFDP@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance & enjoy the music, people!

“Funny Faces”
Blac drops some bars about what he sees in the community in this brief clip. The Master Builder II available now.

Hasan Salaam feat. DJ GI Joe
“Miss America”
Produced by Snowgoons
Shocking visuals & in-your-face commentary make this a song that America needs to pay attention to. Video directed by Raj Flow.

“Le Pere Du Peuple”
The man who created the term “neo-boom bap” is back with another offering from the Crown Me King mixtape, available 4/24.

“Afro American Psycho”
Loch drops something for the sickminded, literally. Featured on DJ Doo Wop’s Underground: The New 90’s mixtape.

Myster DL
“I’m A Dankster”
Produced by B-Swizlo & Just One
DL holds it down for the hustlers & smokers on this self-directed video.


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