In The News 4/17/12


Probation violation gets rapper Mystikal 90 days » TheAdvocate

Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google’s Sergey Brin » InfoWars

Rapper’s De-Light: Tupac ‘Hologram’ May Go on Tour » WSJ

Move Over Breasts, Chinplants are What’s Hot » Forbes

The Assassination of Hip-Hop: Did the LA Riots Murder Rebel Music? » AllHipHop

Why one in five US adults don’t use the Internet » Yahoo

Drake Offers New Artists Opening Spot On ‘Club Paradise’ Tour » MTV

Spectacular solar flare unleashed from the sun » MSNBC

Can stars prevent their likeness from being used after death? » MSNBC

‘Iron Man 3’: Made in China » Telegraph

Celtics’ Garnett and Lakers’ Bynum named Players of the Week » NBA


One comment on “In The News 4/17/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Damnit Mystikal! Keep your nose clean and keep your ass out of jail. SMH

    It makes sense that Iron Man 3 be partially shot in China as the villian is ‘sposed to be The Mandarin

    Bynum is finally playing up to his potential and Garnett is trying to rekindle what made him a perinneal all-star. I don’t like either one of em, but congrats.


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