In The News 4/20/12


Hologram Tupac: not a good sign for humanity » AllVoices

Could the next iPhone be like the T-1000 Terminator? » LATimes

Cash Money Rapper Mystikal Discusses Prior Prison Sentence Before He Heads Off To Jail Again » ThisBeatGoes

Ron Paul video game is in the works » MSNBC

Dick Clark Dead At 82, The Hip-Hop Community Reacts » RapFix

Synthetic DNA Created, Evolves on Its Own » NationalGeographic

DMX Breaks Down Crying, Says Mom Never Once Said She “Loved Him” » AllHipHop

Researchers successfully grow hair on bald mouse » CBSNews

Guru’s Hip-Hop/Jazz Presence Still Missed on the Second Anniversary of His Passing » AllHipHop

Ramon Sessions: How Newest Laker Compares to the League’s Elite PGs » BleacherReport


3 comments on “In The News 4/20/12

  1. 1. yeah got to agree with that article. Black Eyed Peas and Mariah Carey used the tech earlier though.. I dunno i feel Dre’s usuage of ‘Pac was a lil dodgy still. And what happens if they get all Milli Vanilli with an impersonator releasing new songs? The tech is cool for sure but the implications i find a tad worrying.
    2. I like the tech behind smartphones, but will never own one. deactivated my semi smartphone recently. I am Old Skool and just get annoyed at being excpected to be available at all times.. A while ago the government tried implementing smart ID cards to track peeps and it got voted out. Peeps buy them smartphones though…
    6. that’s some pretty mad tech there. though the potential future implications of it are crazy
    7s till got mad respect for the Darkman. Hoping i catch him when he is in OZ in the next couple of weeks. lol didn’t bother with the comments on the link though. Without reading i can guess that faux-hardnuts would be having a go at DMX. IMO he proved he is a real man and keeping it real to the fullest by baring his soul like that.
    9. damn been 2 years. Rest well Guru


  2. $yk says:

    But the real reason I’m writing this post: Hologram Tupac terrifyingly signals the end of time. It is technology killing time. We had already lost space to cell phones and social media and geotagging — the whole grid we are never off, always on. And now we know what the end of the world is like, for sure.

    ^ case BEEN closed…even I crawled outta my rock and announced that…


  3. DV says:

    That Tupac hologram is straight Total Recall (remember those wrist bands?) mixed with Back To The Future type shit. And they taking it on tour. These greedy fucks will sell you alive, kill you, sell you dead and then sell you “alive” again. I wonder if Elvis and MJ are next. Then again I doubt it. I dont see the keepers of their respective estates condoning that shit. Afeni has disappointed me for signing off on that. Now just think, if some computer nerds can do this then the government and/or powers that be can definetly do that too. And even better. Watch some bullshit pop off over a hologram _______ (enter any foreign or even domestic country leaders name) getting out of pocket.


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