See What They Did There?


The United States finds itself in hot water – again – after soldiers in Afghanistan are under fire for some pictures they took a year ago. These morbid pictures have found their way to the mainstream media, but that’s not the real story.

Unlike the most recent video of soldiers whizzing on dead “enemy” troopers, or the photos from Gitmo where prisoners were used as prop scenery, these particular images are more along the lines of what Robert Bales allegedly did, in terms of macabre. In the pictures, the soldiers are posing with the body parts of alleged suicide bombers: hands, heads, etc. & not for nothing, but I understand why the Army got so upset. It’s kinda hard for a people to act like the World Police when we do things like this.

The fact that the pictures were leaked to the public isn’t surprising, given the nature of today’s social network beast. & the Army has even held a press conference to outwardly condemn all parties involved, from cameraman to background reveler, launching a full investigation. At the end of the investigation, I’m sure all the responsible parties will be appropriately punished, but back here – on the streets of the United States of America – a similar phenomenon is going on with far less public outcry.

Teenage kids in urban America are doing the same thing as the soldiers; assaulting & humiliating the enemy on camera, for the world to see, yet there is no backlash. Said backlash should be relatively easy since it seems to all generate from one source – WorldstarHipHop(.com) – but it’s apparently not that big of a deal. There have been several articles in major publications that attempted to spotlight the website for it’s often vile content, but that’s the extent of that.

Now, for what it’s worth, numerous people have been arrested for crimes committed, recorded, & submitted to the site. However, that statistic is overturned by all the videos I’ve seen that resulted in injury, harm, or the eventual death of another person. In real life. See, the blur between reality & virtual reality stopped existing once people lost control over the internet. & contrary to popular belief, the internet is the real world.

There’s no longer a need for “Big Brother,” because we are willing “little brothers,” doing all the spying & so-called snitching for the government ourselves. Our personal lives are now streams of information & bits of downloadable data, available to the general public, by our own hands, for better or worse. & according to the trend of tattle-telling, something magical happens whenever there’s a camera phone & malicious intent within 15 yards of each other.

The irony of the Soldiers & the urbanites so openly revealing their actions to the internet is that both sects traditionally adhere to strict “No Snitching” guidelines. I guess that’s just the “old school” way of thinking, though, when crime was done by one’s self & dirty laundry stayed at the bottom of the clothes hamper. But, alas; welcome to the future.


One comment on “See What They Did There?

  1. markdub7 says:

    Grands, when talking about the going ons on WSHH, isn’t recording yourself assaulting someone a form of dry-snitching on yourself? I can see it being really difficult to convince a judge that you were a hapless victim when you have videotaped yourself beating somebody else’s ass.


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