In The News 4/23/12


Rare daylight meteor seen, heard over Nevada, California » Reuters

Rick Ross Pulled Over For Marijuana By Police While On Yacht » HipHopDX

VIDEO: Metta World Peace Elbows James Harden, Causes Concussion » SBNation

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian spotted out on ice cream date » NYDailyNews

Instagram bans self-harm posts » CNET

Coachella 2012: A$AP Rocky, Master P pay tribute to Trayvon Martin » LATimes

 Global Warming & Extreme Weather Linked — Scientists Have Known It, Americans Getting It » PlanetSave

“Niggas In Paris” Used In French Presidential Campaign » RapRapar

Brain freeze: Why ice cream makes some scream » MSNBC

50 Cent sued for allegedly sampling song, then giving it away online » CNET

Brothers Go on Trial in Beating of Black Teen » NYDailyNews

All eyes remain on Fla. jail as George Zimmerman awaits release on $150K bail » WashingtonPost


2 comments on “In The News 4/23/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Got damn! That was a dirty ass hit by Ron Artest. I wish Kendrick Perkins or Serge Ibaka woulda washed his ass up. That should Definitely be suspension-worthy. Get that mutha back on his meds, pronto!

    It’s pretty easy to surmise with the extreme changes in temperature, globally, should also come extreme changes in weather-based natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, as they both occur dues to temp-variations. I’ve always believed that those in the know proclaiming that global warming isn’t real have an agenda their serving or are getting their pockets stuffed to do so.


    • Tony Grands says:

      I watched that game with my Dad. We went from “it was an accident” to “well maybe it WAS intentional” to “Harden shoulda known better than to bravely run towards a man that’s known to be unstable.” I’m not saying Ron was right—but there’s right, there’s wrong, but don’t be an idiot.

      I know crazy cats. Mentally unstable. Last thing I’d do is “challenge” them to a game of proverbial chicken. Why? Because I might get elbowed in the head…


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