In The News 4/24/12


Jennifer Hudson Testifies At Murder Trial » NYTimes

Why We Can’t Get Along: Is There a Conspiracy Against Hip-Hop Unity? » AllHipHop

World Peace faces NBA discipline for violent blow » FOXNews

Rakim: ‘We Need a Few More Kanyes’ » TheAtlantic

MIT hacker turns building into game of Tetris » TheCelebrityCafe

Funkmaster Flex Interviews Wiz Khalifa » RapRadar

Death of DARPA’s superfast hypersonic glider explained » Space

Rockie Fresh Turns DeLorean Into Best Hip-Hop Video Car Ever » Wired

Twins born after doctors keep brain dead mom on respirator for a month » NYDailyNews

Azealia Banks Fires At TI On Twitter Over Iggy Azalea Beef » RapFix

Round two: Another patron collapses at Vegas’ Heart Attack Grill » USAToday


2 comments on “In The News 4/24/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Man…I love Rakim interviews. Dude is so intelligent and insightful. And humble.

    The HTV-2 was MOO-VING! Mach 20? Shiiiiiiiiit!

    The story about the twins being delievered after their mother was determined brain dead was both beautiful and tragic.

    I don’t think Azealia Banks is helping herself at all by firing shots at Iggy Azalea. Man….do your thing and let her do hers. It’s not that hard.


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