Black Girl Found?


Words by Malcolm Maximillion

Nas’ dropped his 2nd single yesterday from Life Is Good entitled “Daughters” and I thought it was rather interesting, because it made me think. While I do enjoy the ignorance that hip hop can bring to my mind, I do like to think from time to time. It also helps that this sounds like a better follow up to his classic “Black Girl Lost” than the actual follow up. Which is cool because he doesn’t seem like he’s gonna let daddy’s little girl be another black girl lost.

Most young men I know, that actually want kids, want daughters. Yes, I’m including myself with that last statement. However, we very rarely think about how we’ve treat women. if we even think about that at all.

Children grow up so quickly and before you know it, the daughter we wanted to have is dating someone like daddy.

I know its hip hop to disrespect women. I also know its not right to brag about the amount of bitches I’ve had or how “I had that bitch down on my shit like this.” Word to “Street Dreams,” but the spinning wheel of karma is going to eventually catch up with us. Which is cool because that’s normal life shit.

I have 3 sisters and a mother but I never really thought about changing some of my attitudes about women until I thought about having a daughter. Now, I’m not saying I’m a young Ike Turner and what not. While I do think that I treat women fairly well, I can acknowledge that all of my females relations hasn’t been super positive or what I would want for my daughter.

All in all, I’m going to start treating women a lot better in hopes that karma doesn’t catch up with me too bad and she brings home some guy when she’s 17 that reminds me of me when I was 17. You guessed it. Just some young nigga trying to go balls deep.

Words by Malcolm Maximillion


4 comments on “Black Girl Found?

  1. markdub7 says:

    You are so right about this, big homie; this is a much better follow-up to Black Girl Lost then the actual follow-up to Black Girl Lost. Nas was tripping on that one. Lol. Even though I’ve had my wild times w/women, I was instilled w/respect for them…even when a lot didn’t have any for themselves. So many of our young girls are indeed lost, and it’s up to us to provide any light for them that we can.


  2. Tony Grands says:

    When my daughter was small & utterly helpless, I was willingly prepared to go to war with the world, if need be.

    Now that she’s older & I see how she’s blossoming, I’ve become more of a silent partner, laying the foundation & catching the mistakes before they become habits.

    Also, she texts me to tell me goodnight every night. As long as I can keep her doing that, I’m golden…


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