Every Day Is Father’s Day


I’ve heard the name Don Trip a hundred times prior to last weekend, but unfortunately, I hear a lot of names, & sometimes it’s hard to sort out the good from the bad. This time, however, I was listening to some random satellite music station, & I saw the name pop up across the screen. The song was “Letter To My Son,” & off of the strength of that title (& the fact that I’d dodged him for so long), I decided to stop what I was doing & listen.

A title like that builds quite a bit of pressure for the artist, especially since Hip Hop culture is well into it’s 40’s with the kids & grandkids to show for it. The average listener may bypass this song simply because one would assume there’s a message embedded. But 99% of Hip Hop fathers will stop a listen, because “ours” isn’t a point of view the general (rap) public hears much. As the song began, & I heard my own back-in-the-day pain & struggle in Don’s twangy voice, he had officially become official in my book. & for what it’s worth, I don’t understand why the song isn’t or hasn’t made more noise, considering that Black Liberace Cee Lo Green is singing on the hook. Then again, people choose snacks over food for thought most of the time.

It’s tough on a young dude who wants to be there for his kid(s) but can’t. I can attest to that first hand. In my early years of (unwed) fatherhood, I wanted to throw in the towel on countless occasions. The hard part wasn’t the kids per se, because they were helpless, but instead it was the volume of endurance needed in order to deal with a situation that I created. A woman scorned is – for the most part – a frankenstein monster. (If you don’t understand that reference, go watch Frankenstein & come back. We’ll wait.) All the hate & malice that I tried so fervently to ignore from their mother was merely the proverbial chicken coming home to roost, & deep within the confines on my manhood, I knew that. & it sucked.

With that said, I can’t imagine how a young mom must feel when faced with the reality of having to grow a human on her own. It’s only right that they build up a certain resentment as well, regardless of semantics.

To play “devil’s advocate,” it all comes down to making better choices, though. Better choices would eliminate 75% of the bullshit overflow that folks are forced to wade through daily. But, we don’t live in a perfect world & time travel is not yet possible, so the all we can do is try to make tomorrow the best it can be, for our own sake’s if no one else’s.

The decisions we make today will indeed come back at some point. Whether they bite or hug is all dependent upon what you are doing at this very moment…

Enjoy the video.


4 comments on “Every Day Is Father’s Day

  1. realnagan says:

    damn that shit was beautiful , dude put his soul into the wax. I bloody am well gone look this cat up now.

    And Grand$ jewels in the post yet again. Lol makes me want you post something shit son, i probably sound like a blog groupie lol

    Good work dude


  2. markdub7 says:

    Man…I heard that joint on the radio, an bought,”who the hell is this?” I started checking for Don Trip afterwards. It’s a dope song b/c as it should, it comes from the heart. I’m glad you posted, Grandzilla.


  3. Curtis75Black says:

    “Then again, people choose snacks over food for thought most of the time.”. – That statement right there is so true !!
    The song itself is a beautiful work of art.


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