Ear Hustlin’: New Music By NOM|Phat Peazy|Moe Pope|Signif

Independent artists interested in submitting material for possible inclusion in Ear Hustlin’ may do so at RAWIFDP@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance & enjoy the music, people!

Produced by Enkredible
As the summer draws near, it’s time for the anthems to start rolling out. NOM is leading the rush. Different Breed mixtape on the way. Buckle up.

Phat Peazy feat. Mike Militia, Kevlar Dollars, Kenny Kosha, & Bussy
“Brockton Cypher 2.5”
Phat P gathers some of Massachussets’ finest ’round the rap campfire for some bars & face time.

Moe Pope feat. Sun Kil Moon
“Grey Clouds”
In an odd turn of irony, Pope opens this song with thoughts of suicide while SKM croons us in & out. The Shit You Shoulda Heard Vol. 1 mixtape coming soon.

“Like My Style”
Produced by Gee Wiz
Today’s urban fashion etiqutte update is courtesy of Signif, with assistance behind the camera from Darren Cole/Embracing Rejection.


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