In The News 5/7/12


Lakers take 3-1 lead in series after Game 4 win in Denver » FoxSports

Taking Names: Beastie Boys’ Yauch dies of cancer » WashingtonTimes

Knicks get their first playoff win in 11 years » LATimes

Motherhood, Medicine, and Hip Hop » Citizen-Times

Mind-Blowing Disney Sensor Tech Brings Gesture Based Computing To Everyday Objects » Gizmodo

Father fatally shot in front of family during attempted robbery » Chron

$99 Xbox: Microsoft’s killer move » Fortune

Andre 3000 To Shoot Jimi Hendrix Biopic “All Is By My Side” In Ireland » HipHopDX

FBI: “We need wiretap-ready Web sites – now!” » CNET

Bootleg Kev Interviews 50 Cent » RapRadar


One comment on “In The News 5/7/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Denver just doesn’t have the star-caliber player to handle Bynum/Kobe. Onto OKC; prolly the best series in these playoffs.


    The Knicks were one D-Wade missed 3 from getting swept. That’s probably the last win for them this season.

    I hate that those cats killed Victor Quevodo in front of his family over some frickin cell phones. It’s tragic. I hope those clowns are caught, convicted, and beaten like drums in prison.

    That new XBOX deal makes me wish I didn’t spend $300 on mine 2 years ago.

    Andre 3000 as Hindrix? Who else could have played him? It’s the role he’s wanted his whole career.


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