In The News 5/9/12


Did Dr. Dre Put A Restraining Order on Suge Knight? » AllHipHop

Twitter Debunks Reports of 55000 Hacked Accounts » Mashable

Facebook, Twitter, other social media are brain candy, study says » LATimes

1 in 6 cancers worldwide caused by infections that can be prevented or treated » FoxNews

Google Driverless Toyota Prius Hits the Road in Nevada » eWeek

BlackBerry maker RIM hires new team to meet iPhone challenge » Guardian

Denver survives late comeback attempt by Kobe Bryant, Lakers » ESPN

Eminem movie ‘Southpaw’ on hold while rapper focuses on music » Freep

Walking Dead Game Departs From Zombie Clichés » NYTimes

Would-be suicide bomber was planted, or turned informant » Reuters

Light from Alien Super-Earth Seen for 1st Time » Yahoo


One comment on “In The News 5/9/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    The driverless car is ill…and pushes us ever closer to I-Robot/The Terminator.

    Anything that gets the Lakers less rest against the Thunder is a plus to me. Keep playing big, Javale McGee.

    I loved Em’s performance in 8 Mile, and was wondering when he’d film another movie.

    I think I’d love to check the Walking Dead game b/c I’m such a fan of the book and show.


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