In The News 5/10/12


Inside Rapper Lil Boosie’s Grisly Murder Trial » RollingStone

Attorney For Masseurs Says 25 More Have Contacted Him About John Travolta » CinemaBlend

Europe’s Biggest Satellite Declared Dead in Space » PCMag

Woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria after zip lining accident » USAToday

Police Shut Down Drake Show In California » HipHopDX

Story about scorned dentist appears to be a hoax » LATimes

Argentina makes sex-change surgery a legal right » CBSNews

Rapper Canibus To Partake In Pay-Per-View Battle » HipHopDX

How ‘Lincoln Invented Facebook’ Hoax Fooled Some of the People [VIDEO » Mashable

Vidal Sassoon, renowned hairstylist, dies at 84 » SFGate


One comment on “In The News 5/10/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I think Dizaster is going to murder Canibus on the strength that he is completely accustomed to this battle style format and will be better prepared. We’ve never seen Canibus in this type of atmosphere while Dizaster has been dominant in this environment for some years now. I’m def going to check it.


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