NBA Report: 1st Round Reactions


Words by Phlip

How is it that this years’ playoffs have been so boring?

With all of the non-playoffs teams (except the Knicks) on their summer vacations early, one might have assumed that the second season would bring out the best in those that remained. Then Adidas-sponsored players (Derrick Rose, Gucci Mane Iman Shumpert, Josh Smith) tweaked or outright blew out their knees, then Baron Davis followed suit.

Yeah, I am pretty sure Baron is retiring off of this one.

Meanwhile, the only truly competitive series to this point has been between two teams that NO ONE would have assumed just 3 years ago would EVER make the playoffs. That’s right; from the very beginning, that Grizzlies/Cripples series has been worth the price of admission. It is this year’s version of the Bulls/Celtics series from 2009. No, there may not be another series to touch that one – featuring 7 overtimes total over 4 of the seven games – just that we’re getting more competitive basketball than we normally get in the first round.

Your 2010-2011 NBA Champions, the Dallas Mavericks…
Lol, that is a funny sentence to type when you stop and consider how close they were to being on the outside looking in, and then how much their performance ONCE in suggested they probably SHOULD have been on the outside. I will call it Karmic evidence that God is a Lakers fan and that he holds that sweep last year against them.

Okay, I was wrong about the Knickerbockers…
I’m no LeBron James fan and never have or will be, but I have disliked the Knicks a bit longer than him, so I enjoyed the probability of a sweep in this series. … then the Heat got complacent in game three, just in time for the Knicks to prove that they might be dysfunctional as they come, but they are not spineless. The Knicks will need to make some major changes this offseason or all of their seasons will end like this, as it is readily apparent that Carmelo Anthony sees nothing wrong with his high usage and low efficiency rates in the amount that he shoots and forces up, compared to creating for his teammates. The problem is that the Knicks have few assets worth trading and even less liquid cash to spend in free agency, this could get uglier before it gets any better.

Dwight Howard might have ruined the Magic.
He has put Ron Jeremy Stan Van Gundy in a position where he does not trust management, and management in a position where they cannot take anything he (Howard) says as anything less than loaded. They have cuckolded their past, present and future to him and his questionably honest statements and if their unceremonious bouncing from the playoffs is any statement of how important his being there is, then nothing is. This leaves them in a position where they’re pretty much screwed with him in the fold and are ABSOLUTELY such if he decides he is gone… I am of the opinion that he has until the end of July to agree to stay – again, at which point Van Gundy is gone – or he will be traded to any team willing to put an attractive package together.
An interesting nugget is that Howard and Van Gundy’s contracts both end at the same time, so Orlando could realistically rid themselves of both parties without having to fire anyone.

Andrew Bynum’s big mouth (and Phlip’s conspiracy theory)…
Game 1: epic triple double (with blocks!) and ties a playoffs record for blocks in a game.
Game 2: 27 points, 9 blocks and two assists… not epic like game one, but still impressive in a win. Post game: “I feel like I left a lot on the floor, I could have had a more dominant game.” At home, I hoped that this talk was in total earnest and that he would come out and monster out game 3…
Game 3: Bynum shows up later than normal and is unprepared to play, has a bad first half and checks out and plays immature in the second, Lakers lose.
Game 4: Thank God for the bench, as Bynum is about as average as one might expect out of someone who just days earlier claimed to be ready to push to dominance. Lakers up 3-1.
Game 5: Bynum states that “closeout games are usually pretty easy,” BEFORE the game. You idiot! On the whole, the Lakers played wining ball, but the Nuggets played motivated ball and won by 3 points and spoiling a 43-point effort from Kobe Bryant. Two things are at play here… (1) someone needs to put a muzzle on Bynum before and after games, and (2) the Lakers might have sandbagged a game or two, so as to not have to play the Thunder without Ron Artest Metta World Peace in the second round.

Watch out for them Spurs
…no further lining needed.

The Thunder are who we thought they were…
The Spurs are the last remaining team in the Western conference who I think can take them in a 7-game series, since it is apparent that Andrew Bynum is interested in talking out of his rear than proving it on the floor.

The NBA Finals will be between Miami and either OKC or San Antonio and will go 7 games…
Miami can beat San Antonio, but not OKC, in a 7-game series. Kevin Durant’s showing up late in the season when LeBron did not is why I feel this way and I will stick to that until otherwise has taken place.

and if I didn’t mention your team…
it is because I do not expect you to be around beyond the next round and nothing was compelling enough about your story to discuss.

Words By Phlip


One comment on “NBA Report: 1st Round Reactions

  1. DV says:

    I am assuming Mike Brown took a page from his mentor Popovich book and let Game 6 go. Which if true is real gutsy. Im confident they (the Lakers) will finish what they started on Saturday and go on to face OKC. Philly will now play Boston and i expect Philly to run the Celts out of the gym literaly. So that means MIA vs PHI in the ECF’s. Philly is like San Antonio East so they are a threat but Miami should take care of business. Watch out for those Grizzlies too (if they beat the Clips). Remember Rudy Gay was the missing piece last year that very well couldve took them to the Finals. Could be a case of different round same result for the Spurs.


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