In The News 5/11/12


Prosecution, Defense Rest In Rapper Lil Boosie Murder Trial » HipHopDX

Mayan discovery shows world won’t end this year after all » WashingtonPost

iPhone cover acts as digital wallet, packs a programmable credit card » CNET

NY Knicks’ Jeremy Lin says future in New York ‘isn’t set in stone’ » NYDailyNews

Rapper Kitty Pryde Talks “Okay Cupid,” Internet Hate, and Her Crush On Danny Brown » Complex

No-fly ‘glitch’ has toddler removed from plane » CNN

Same-Sex Marriage Support Shows Pace of Social Change Accelerating » NYTimes

Hip Hop Watches are the Perfect Accessory This Season » SacBee

Pill to prevent HIV gets an FDA endorsement » LATimes

Howard Stern: Obama didn’t go far enough on gay marriage » BaltimoreSun

Beastie Boys Lawsuit Re-Opens Debate About Samples In Hip Hop » IBTimes


5 comments on “In The News 5/11/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I think the state placed too much of their case on the backs of two unreliable witnesses, and as a result, BOosie is literally getting away with murder.

    I hope Truvada works b/c a LOT of dudes will see it as a chance to smash raw.


    • Tony Grands says:

      Telling people that they no longer have to “worry” about the worst STD ever is going to end badly. At least in some socities. I know it’s well intended, but the worlds not in a “oh, thank God! It’s cured!” place. It’s in a “Word? Nigga, it’s on!!!” type of groupthink. I shutter to imagine the backfire. Like homicides as a result of “twitter beef.”

      Technology solves a problem by creating 2 more.


    • Capital G says:

      @ MDub. You spit some fire at Boosie and since you’re this sites Southern regional reporter I’m assuming you’re a little more intimate with what goes down down there (nhjic). What’s the general concensus on Boosie? (Besides having the haircut of a butch lesbian and looking like one of Flava Flav’s kids)

      If Truvada works, I’m dropping money in Vegas that the herpes and genital wart rate sky rockets. Can’t fix stupid.


      • markdub7 says:

        Cap, the real juice is that everyone here who is in the know and doesn’t have a crush on Boosie will admit that it is most likely that Boosie was placing hits on people he was beefing with. All five of Marlo’s (known) victims had some unfavorable association with Boosie, or Marlo himself. I personally know two brothers who had a rival label that Boosie ordered hits on; one was shot, as well as their first cousin. He also had someone toss a Molotov cocktail into their grandmother’s home. But his hands stayed clean of his crimes as he is often lionized here. There’s a long list of other murders and murder attempts that he hasn’t been connected directly to, but we all know of his probable involvement. I am not a fan, Stan, or simp for Torrance Hatch, and I pray for the families of those who died due to his orchestrations.


        • Capital G says:

          Damn. Thanks for the clarification fam. From the sounds of it, Boosie will pay to get someone touched but ain’t got the testicular fortitude to do it himself. In layman’s terms, he’s a punk. He might have walked on his state charges but karma’s a bitch and angry family members will probably be gunning for him.


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