In The News 5/14/12


Mexico drug war’s latest toll: 49 headless bodies » ABCNews

Mase Asks Saints to Pray for Him as He Goes Back to Hip Hop » Euroweb

Gay political donors move from margins to mainstream » LATimes

A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College » MSNBC

Facebook tests ‘pay to promote post’ tool » BBC

Many blacks shrug off Obama’s new view on gays » timesunion

Jimi Hendrix Film Starring Andre 3000 Will Be Made Without Support From The Rocker’s Family » ThisBeatGoes

Missing FBI secret agent ‘may be armed and suicidal’ » Telegraph

Georgia grad student will most likely lose fingers in fight against flesh-eating bacteria » FoxNews

Starship Enterprise could be a reality by 2032, engineer says » MSN


One comment on “In The News 5/14/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    That Enterprise is BANANITES!!! Too bad our congress is more concerned about kniving up “entitlements” rather than pushing forward innovation.


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