In The News 5/15/12


Five things to take from Lakers’ 119-90 loss to Thunder » LATimes

Rapper Shyne Talks Diddy, The New ‘Gangland’ Street Album, Entrepreneurship And Returning To America » HuffingtonPost

Did Jay-Z Give Freeway The Cold Should in Philly? » AllHipHop

Celtics’ experience doesn’t pay » ESPN

Obama cheers capture of top Kony commander » ABCNews

G-Dep: Gangster Rapper/Convicted Murderer/One Admirable SOB » VillageVoice

Genetically-engineered viruses may power devices of the future » Techspot

Russell Simmons Defends Rihanna’s Right To Sleep With As Many “Rockstars” As She Wants » AllHipHop

Jay-Z still has Obama’s back » CNN

Half of Americans call Facebook a fad » Yahoo

Nasa trains astronauts for asteroid mission » Telegraph


One comment on “In The News 5/15/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    As a ceritfied, bonafide, Laker-hater, last night’s crushing defeat at the hands of the OKC Thunder made my soul sing. But it would be FOOLISH to doubt the fire that has now been lit under Kobe’s ass. And my mamma aint raise no fool. I’m hoping the Thuder can remain Thunderous.

    Jay has morphed so effortlessly into a corporate mogul that he doesn’t even look out of place with Mayor Nutter and the others in the pic. I think they prah’li asked Free to sit that one out though. I’m glad those two could still take a flick and not be beefing.

    The virusus being manufactured and harvested for their energy-generating potential is ILL science.

    I respect G-Dep for manning up. I know that had to be torturous, but it was probably more torturous to live with the crime on his heart for over 20 years.


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