In The News 5/18/12


NASA estimates 4700 ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroids » CNN

Donna Summer, “Queen Of Disco” Dead At 63 » MTV

Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade crumble on big stage, but why? » USAToday

Notorious 1980s drug dealer known as ‘the ghost’ arrested in New York City » FoxNews

Twitter to offer tailored suggestions on who to follow » CNET

Jobs Wanted to Design an iCar Before His Death » PCMag

Documents shed more light on Trayvon Martin shooting » LATimes

Lil Kim Details The History Of Her Beef With Nicki Minaj » ThisBeatGoes

Drake Reveals Doubts About Making Hip Hop In His 30s » HipHopDX

Why does Clothbot want to climb up your pants? » CNET


3 comments on “In The News 5/18/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    CP3 and D-Wade are both playing through injuries, and their teams NEED them to be successful to be be successful. Without Billups assisting to carry some of the load, I had already written CP3 and the Clips off. But without Bosh, Miami is getting thier heads handed to them. I bet there won’t be any more Two and a Half Men jokes any time soon.

    The iCar would have been ill. I don’t know what it would have featured, but you know that muhfugga would have been ill and i’d have had to had one.

    Kim’s story of the beef w/Nicki just doesn’t jibe with me. Kim is talking about how disrespectful ol girl was, but as it’s already been stated, Kim doesn’t get along with any other female emcees either. She needs more people.


  2. DV says:

    That “Ghost” guy kinda resembles Irv Gotti. Intresting

    All i know is Brick Griffin is overrated and we now know just how important Bosh is to the Heat. The playoffs have been great this year.

    At this point, who really cares about what Lil Kim has to say? Like her or not Minaj has the machine behind her and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Drop some hot tracks or shut up.


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