In The News 5/21/12


Cory Booker slams Obama campaign ad attacking Romney » Yahoo

“SceneTap” App Scans Faces Of Bar-Goers To Guess Age, Gender » HuffingtonPost

Was Columbus secretly a Jew? » CNN

Lil Wayne Accused of Assault for the Second Time in a Month » AceShowbiz

Spurs edge Clippers to finish sweep » USAToday

Study Finds That Buying Organic Food Can Make People Act Like Jerks » Mediaite

Goodie Mob’s Beastie Boys Tribute At Billboard Music Awards » RapRadar

Largest compilation of exonerations ever finds over 2000 falsely convicted » WashingtonPost

5 handy things you can do with Google’s new Knowledge Graph search » MSNBC

Magnitude-6.0 earthquake kills at least 4 in northern Italy cheese region, topples buildings » WashingtonPost

Millions looked to the sky for ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse » LATimes


One comment on “In The News 5/21/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Corey Booker is already backpedaling from his comments on Meet The Press. I don’t think he’d realized how his words would be turned around and used against President Obama by indicating discension in the party.

    The SceneTap app is cool in function, but I can already hear people complaining about how their privacy is being invaded with it’s use.

    Seems they’re trying to once again paint Columbous as a pious hero rather than the scummy asshat history has shown introduced smallpox to the indiginous people of the Americas, as well as his being a ruthless slave trader who broke up families for profit.

    The record of over 2,000 exonerations only continues to highlight the MANY flaws in our legal system and evidence a deep need for change and improvements.


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