Sun, Moon, Stars, & Johnny Cash


There’s really no excuse for you not leaving your mom’s basement taking a break from your busy schedule last evening to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view a full solar eclipse. (Assuming your neck of the planet could see it…) It was one of the times in life that you’ll probably remember until the end because it doesn’t happen often. I planned ahead of time to be with my kids & share the moment with them, but more on that later.

Although it was not totally viewable by all who were witnessing it, certain spots on the earth were able to spy the moon completely line up in front of the sun during the eclipse, creating a dazzling effect called the “Ring of Fire.”

From my family’s vantage point in southern Cali, the eclipse peaked at 86% coverage of the sun. Meanwhile, northern Cali was able to see the ring in all it’s glory.

Full disclosure: Aside from making it a family affair, I really only wanted to see the ring because on some levels, I was waiting on something eerie to happen on Earth. & that’s not to say I believe everything I read & hear, because I most certainly do not. In fact, I’m more inclined to believe what I don’t/can’t read & hear simply because that’s how life operates. Nonetheless, I watched with a small amount of anxiety, but before I knew it, overcast clouds were busting up my chifferobe.

According to various reports, the next eclipse of this caliber won’t happen until sometime in 2071. I’m almost positive I’ll be dead by then (or sooner, thanks to rogue space rocks), so the fact that I was able to share this opportunity with my children was awesome. See, I know how memories work. That 30 minutes outside with daddy will be etched into their brain(s) indefinitely, & every time “The Eclipse of ’12” is mentioned – which it will be – they’ll have me earmarked in their recollection. In 2071, when they’re with their grandkids viewing the next solar eclipse, I’ll be a part of that story. (Because that’s how memories work.)

Since we all shared this once-in-a-lifetime experience together & are now all bonded until Valhalla, let us celebrate with one of the realest realists this planet has ever birthed. Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire” is a song about something totally different than a solar eclipse, but if you listen closely enough you can make a correlation.


2 comments on “Sun, Moon, Stars, & Johnny Cash

  1. love that astronomy shit, i didn’t see that eclipse, don’t think it showed up in my neck of the planet. i still remember Halley’s Comet back in ’86 though, that shit was dope for a young un. Astronomy was the first thing to make me think of things other than the mundane reality of earth bound life. The comet won’t be back till 2061, so there is a glimmer of hope of me seeing it’s return. Dope shit!!

    PS +100 internets for the Johnny Cash references. Love the shit outta that cat. Music wise dude was a king. Them American recordings albums are the shit, Rick Rubin produced em too so a lil hip hop link to em.


  2. markdub7 says:

    Unfortunately, my son was out of town when the eclipse occurred. It’s sad b/c I remember seeing one when I was 7; it’s actually stuck with me for that long. Maybe he’ll be able to enjoy the 2071 eclipse with his grand kids.


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