In The News 5/23/12


‘Unfamiliar territory’ for Kobe Bryant » ESPN

Put gays, lesbians behind electric fence? Pastor’s sermon goes viral » LATimes

North Korea says it will ‘expand’ nuclear program in face of US ‘hostility’ » CNN

Rapper 2 Chainz Released From Police Custody After Mistakenly Arrested » AllHipHop

This Man Wants to See the Xbox 360 Banned From Sale » Kotaku

New Flesh-Eating Victim Down Hall From Aimee Copeland » ABCNews

Spurs vs. Thunder: Complete Western Conference Finals Breakdown » BleacherReport

Jeru The Damaja Talks new Solo Album » HipHopDX

50 Cent Explains His Working Relationship With Lloyd Banks » HipHopDX

Why you’ll be eating quantum dots twenty years from now » io9


One comment on “In The News 5/23/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Just as after last season’s disappointing loss, the Lakers will try to restructure the team and put better pieces around Kobe.

    Why the gotta fux w/the XBOX 360? That’s the only gaming console I own….outside of a busted PS2.

    The winner of the Spurs/Thunder series will prah’li win the championship. I don’t think anybody in the east can even complete.

    I guess 50 is tired of footing the bill for Banks’ Bentleys, Beamers, and Benzes.

    Quantum Dots sound like nerd cereal.


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