Ear Hustlin’: Music By Mav|Serge Didenko|Illus|NOM|Flip Major|NoeEmotion


Independent Hip Hop artists interested in submitting material for possible inclusion in Ear Hustlin’ may do so at RAWIFDP@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance & enjoy the music, people!

Mav (of Sol Camp)
“I’m A Winner (NBA Playoffs Anthem)”
Produced by Zig Zag
Mav & co. present the NBA players with some music to win to while y’all check out some video clips of your favorite players. Directed by Carlos Chavez & Luis Barraza.

Serge Didenko
Produced by Evian Christ
$erge drops something for the ballers. Check the light fixtures & furniture in the mansion. Make Yo Dollas coming in June.

Illus feat. Blueprint, Ill Bill, DJ Johnny Juice
“The Gift”
Produced by Johnny Juice
Illus enlists some top notch help to talk about why family comes first. Directed by Mr. & Mrs. Illus. Family First due 5-25-12

“Nightmares Of A Dream”
Grown man conversation from NOM. Watch for the infectious hook. Different Breed mixtape coming soon.

Flip Major feat. Oktane
“Break It Down”
Produced by S. Dot
FM dedicates this official video to two of urban America’s favorite pasttimes: watching gyrating chicks & smoking marijuana. Directed by Chris Cordova. Halfway Average Deluxe coming in August.

“Naked Nimbus”
Produced by LORD GAMMA
A wave of mask-wearing, anonymous rap cats cometh this way. You’ve been warned. Directed by Ova Dos & Stanly Ippkiss.


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