In The News 5/25/12


One-time top football prospect Brian Banks wins dismissal of rape-kidnap conviction » washingtonpost

Hip hop music mogul wouldn’t snitch on Rev. Al Sharpton, Sean Combs, or Wyclef Jean » nydailynews

New Jersey man says he killed Etan Patz » latimes

Tuberculosis: 25 Babies in California Possibly Exposed » abcnews

Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” Added To The Library Of Congress » killerhiphop

Snoop Dogg Tebowing after throwing out first pitch at White Sox game » nypost

53-year-old Virginia woman attacked after returning lost iPhone » digitaltrends

European Scientists Are After Bigfoot Hair Samples » washingtonpost

Dwyane Wade rocks hot pink pants before Game 6 » usatoday

Jimmy Henchman Drug Ring Tested Shipments By Sending Guns To Rapper » allhiphop

Google shares data about copyright takedown requests » techspot


One comment on “In The News 5/25/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I’m glad Brian Banks got cleared of that crime. It must’ve been hell to be saddled w/such a crime and to be turned away from so much b/c of that reputation.

    That poor lady TRIED to do the right thing and return that phone, only to get assaulted as a result. Moral of the story: if you find an iPhone, sell that mutha on craigslist.

    D-Wade….Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! What is up with them damn pants? These cats are getting some BAD advice.


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