In The News 5/28/12


Police kill naked cannibal who was chewing off a man’s face » msn

Nas Relives Problems He Faced as a Father in ‘Daughters’ Music Video » aceshowbiz

Sitting at Work Increases Your Chance of Dying » forbes

RIM Said to Plan to Lay off 2000 Staff » pcworld

Ice-T shares thoughts on music history, culture » freep

Saigon Slanders Rick Ross, Audio Recording Released » hiphopdx

‘Modern Warfare’ creators West, Zampella vs. Activision » usatoday

Mary J. ‘bilk’ charity sham » nypost

Justin Bieber investigated for alleged misdemeanor battery » latimes

Beef With Meek Mill And Chris Brown Confirmed » allhiphop


One comment on “In The News 5/28/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Let the face-gnawing incident teach you kiddies: cocaine/angel-dust is not your friend. Damn!

    NaS is WINNING with this Daughters song.

    Saigon & Game must be drinking the same kool-aid. Somebody get them cats some therapy.

    Bieber beatin muhfuggas now? #MoneyTeam

    C. Breezy gets too much ass to thrown at him to still be sweating Rhianna. Then again, she such a tender young PYT….I’d prah’li be mad and booting ninjas off my album too. I tell y’all all te time; I embrace the hate. Lol


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