In The News 5/31/12


Rappers and Same-Sex Marriage: How Much Do You Really Care? » spin

Fair and balanced? Fox’ Obama video draws fire » cbsnews

Celtics’ best not good enough » espn

Here’s what our web addiction looks like in 2016 » informationweek

Anthony Davis Reacts To NBA Lottery » espn

Chris Brown to sue rapper Raz B? » nydailynews

‘Hip-hop’ ambulances in Colorado pump out bass to move motorists » foxnews

Adult film Lucas Rocco Magnotta wanted by Canadian police in severed body parts case » telegraph

“No Church In The Wild” Is Changing Hip-Hop » globalgrind

Gunman kills 5 people and himself in Seattle rampage » cnbc


One comment on “In The News 5/31/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Did we really expect anything other than buggery from Fox news?

    The Celtics are old men and we know they wouldn’t endure against either OKC or the Spurs.

    Methinks the number one pick in New Orleans is a good omen for next season. The Hornets shall win it all


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