In The News 6/5/12


Nicki Minaj vs. Funkmaster Flex On Hot 97 » rapradar

Homeless and Overweight: Obesity Is the New Malnutrition » wired

Bill may decriminalize small bits of pot in New York » cbsnews

 Microsoft’s Xbox Music unveiled » cnet

Nintendo Reboots Wii Console » bloomberg

Fifth Annual Roots Picnic Recap Featuring Wale, De La Soul & Danny Brown » hiphopdx

Rock The Bells Recruits DMX, Eve, Jadakiss and Future » thisbeatgoes

Artificial DNA Copies Just Like the Real Thing » livescience

Brooklyn man admits to sending money and watches to help Al Qaeda build bombs » nydailynews

Is Justin Bieber The King Of Hip-Pop?! » globalgrind


2 comments on “In The News 6/5/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Love or hate Nicki (or in my case a little bit of both), Rosenberg, Flex, and hot 97 just bit off a sizable portion of the hand that feed them. Not smart.

    That artificial DNA is some scary shit. As many positive implications as it potentially holds, all I can see is it being abused.


  2. Tony Grands says:

    Welcome to the future.


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