Ear Hustlin’: New Music By Eyerone | Harn SOLO | NOM | Cameron GraY | RoGizz

Independent Hip Hop artists interested in submitting material for possible inclusion in Ear Hustlin’ may do so at RAWIFDP@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance & enjoy the music, people!

“Better Than Nothin”
Produced by Chemist Productions
Eyerone (pronounced “irony”) attacks the boom bap with timeless bars. No sign of crossover in sight. InVitro available now.

Harn Solo
“Nike Shoe Fiend”
Produced by Pro Prospek
Solo pays homage to basketball, Rakim, & tennis shoes at the same damn time. Shooting Star mixtape available now.

“In My Lifetime”
NOM takes you from the block to the studio, & all places in between with this visual for Different Breed‘s first release.

Cameron GraY
“No Tomorrow”
Cam gets Billie Mays III to star in this video clip for this release from Crash Landing, out now.

Produced by S.C.
Black Blago keeps it way real, providing commentary for today’s social ills. Interview With A Schizo mixtape coming soon.


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