In The New 6/8/12


Earth Headed for Catastrophic Collapse, Researchers Warn » livescience

DJ Premier Talks About His Influence On Other Producers » thisbeatgoes

Suicides surging among US troops: Nearly one a day in 2012 » usatoday

Prepaid iPhone from Virgin: $549, but only $30 a month » huffingtonpost

Kanye West’s Beat For Azealia Banks Actually ‘A Hoax’ » mtv

Miami rapper gets 2 years for drug deal phone call » miamiherald

Gonorrhea ‘superbug’ spreading; is it headed for US? » latimes

Robo-cockroach is a real-life escape artist » msnbc

11 N.Y. babies got herpes via circumcision » upi

RIM discontinues 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook » digitalspy

Oprah interviews rapper 50 Cent on OWN » thegrio


One comment on “In The New 6/8/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Primo has made way too much money in the game to worry about what other DJs do. He’s def got GOAT status.

    Banks would prah’li kill a Ye’ beat. Stop being stingy.

    Robotic roaches. What will they come up with next?


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