In The News 8/11/12


Canibus Brings Notepad To Battle » rapradar

Autopsy: Pills, not flesh, found in stomach of ‘Miami Zombie’ » thegrio

Texas gun range targets parties for kids 8 and older » reuters

Lamborghini to launch luxury phones in Russia this summer » theverge

Fear of an intelligent Black man: Does Hip Hop hate the educated rapper? » sfbayview

Tommy Chong has prostate cancer » msn

5 ‘Evil Siri’ Videos That May Make You Chuckle » pcworld

Dollar Denies Child Abuse, Receives Standing Ovation From Congregation [VIDEO] » newsone

Freeway Addresses Coming On Stage At Jay-Z Press Conference In Philadelphia » hiphopdx

Lack of sleep increases stroke risk » usatoday

Ice-T makes directorial debut with documentary, ‘The Art of Rap’ » nydailynews


3 comments on “In The News 8/11/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    It is embarasssing that Canibus brought a notepad to a battle. Dude has been a bit off for years…

    The Siri vids were kinda funny…

    Creflo Dollar is beating lil girls now? It’s bad enough he’s got a pimp’s name…


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