In The News 6/13/12


Ice-T Discusses Pop Music’s Negative Impact On Hip Hop » hiphopdx

Witness describes seeing Jerry Sandusky sexually assault boy » latimes

19th century middle class black household excavated by archaeologists » thegrio

Major automakers announce interest in Apple’s Siri » digitaltrends

50 Cent and Oprah Settle Beef; Rapper Explains Naming Dog After Mogul » thehollywoodgossip

Smoking and drinking has ‘little effect’ on sperm counts » bbc

Canibus Issues An Apology » rapradar

Tommy Chong treating his prostate cancer with ‘cannabis’ » usatoday

Will Jail Destroy Floyd Mayweather? » allhiphop

Rapper Tim Dog’s Grand Larceny Investigation To Be Featured On “Dateline NBC” » hiphopdx

Large eruptions could eat away at ozone layer » msn


2 comments on “In The News 6/13/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I hope tha justice is truly served those boys who Sandusky victimized. He’s rich…and we know how money has got a lot of people off of the hook lately. The prosecution should have him dead-to-rights.

    Siri in your whip? ILL concept. Would help you avoid spilling hot coffee in your lap while trying to text, eat your danish, and oh yeah….DRIVE.

    50 is making nice w/the richest woman in the world? Shrewd move, Curtis.

    Canibus was in a BAD situation from the jump. He was battling a cat who is only built for battle rapping, and Canibus, desperate to give his career ANY kind of spark, went for the money. It’s bananas that he didn’t come better prepared.


    • markdub7 says:

      I can’t front though….Bis’ first round verse had the lil fanboy in me reminiscing bout “I never freestyle for free w/o charging niccas a fee; it’ll cost you a brain-cell just to cypher with me” LOL


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