In The News 6/15/12


Meek Mill reponsible for Chris Brown’s injury » philly

Georgia Man Charged With Killing 4-Month-Old Daughter With Vodka » newsone

Lawmakers erect challenges to drones in US airspace » foxnews

Vein grown from stem cells saves 10-year-old girl » msnbc

Police Order Extra Patrols In Preparation of KKK March in Georgia » newsone

Video Footage Of Chris Brown & Drake Club Fight Released » hiphopdx

Miami Heat steals Game 2 against Oklahoma City Thunder, ties series 1-1 » miamiherald

IRS Claims R. Kelly Owes $4.8 Million In Unpaid Taxes » thisbeatgoes

When digital beef gets real: What Drake, Chris Brown, Meek Mill can learn » latimes

LulzSec Suspect Indicted for Hacks, DDoS Attacks » eweek


One comment on “In The News 6/15/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    What the hell does Rhinna have going on betwixt her banana-cake-colored thighs that has these ninjas cat-fighting in the club? She’s a bad broad, but damn!

    WTF was that ignant mutha thinking was gonna happen if he gave his 4 year old some vodka? Dumb ass

    We are now seeing the good that can be reaped from stem cell research. I still resent Bush and the Repubs who stifled it for years.


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