In The News 6/18/12


Rodney King dead: Twitter reactions range from thoughtful to tasteless » thegrio

Dyson, Sharpton, Others Reflect On Rodney King’s Legacy » newsone

Start-ups want to give you a college education for free » usatoday

After week of graphic testimony, Sandusky set to present his defense » cnn

Chief Keef Signs With Interscope Records » rapradar

LeBron sparks Heat past Thunder in Game 3 » msnbc

Giant Sunspot Fires Two Solar Flares Toward Earth » dailydisruption

TV remotes a bacterial cocktail » scienceagogo

Japanese physicists develop formula to predict a film’s box office success » nypost

How President Obama is promoting fatherhood » thegrio

Are neutrons traveling between parallel worlds? » io9


One comment on “In The News 6/18/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Some of those Rodney King twitter comments show just how little some value human life…unless, of course, it’s the life of someone close to them. Then it’s a whole other arena. RIP Rodney King. Hopefully your soul will find the peace that you couldn’t in life.

    I would HATE to be the attorney that had to defend Sandusky’s old filthy ass.

    LeBron and the Heaters are playing great basketball, but they are definitely the recipients of some REFerential treatment….which definitely has an affect on games as close as the last 2 have been.


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