In The News 6/19/12


TI Says Chief Keef Gives A Voice To ‘Youth In America’ » mtv

Rodney King’s brother stunned by his unexpected death » freerepublic

6 Reasons To Buy A PlayStation 3 Instead Of An Xbox 360 » forbes

Vanilla Ice ‘dead’ rumor a hoax: Rapper says he’s ‘alive’ on Twitter » examiner

Roger Clemens acquitted on all charges » cbsnews

US Demands for Google User Data Growing, But Full Picture Remains Murky » wired

Swedish scientists reveal findings of deep-sea ‘alien’ hunt » foxnews

Meek Mill Says New York Club Brawl Wasn’t About A Feud Between Drake And Chris Brown » thisbeatgoes

Facebook to buy facial-recognition startup » yahoo

Popular Miami Hip Hop Promoter Murdered In Front Of His Home » 24hourhiphop


2 comments on “In The News 6/19/12

  1. realnagan says:

    that playstation thang, pretty damn biased. lol gamers could pick the shit out of that article #geeklife


  2. eazy_ says:

    I think a pole of 13 year olds at a game stop would get me better info than an article in forbes


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