In The News 6/20/12


Dad won’t face charges for beating daughter’s alleged attacker to death » timesunion

Destruction of Black Civilization: Did Hip-Hop Swagga Jack Black Culture? » ballerstatus

Justin Bieber Is A ‘True G,’ Big Sean Proclaims » mtv

Female Passenger Groped by TSA Gropes Back, Charged with Battery » wired

Facebook provides rare peek at how site is policed » reuters

James and Heat Are One Win Away » foxnews

Meek Mill Cancels European Tour Over Criminal Record » hiphopwired

Man With 100-Pound Scrotum Rejects Free Surgery to Remain Famous? » newsone

Faux skin improves robotic sense of touch to superhuman levels » digitaltrends

Lil’ Wayne “Moving On” From His Beef With Pusha-T » theboombox

Cannibalism suspect ordered to mental hospital » abcnews


4 comments on “In The News 6/20/12

  1. eazy_ says:


    The MPAA rating given to a movie so mindnumbing that even the youngest of children will get no enjoyment from it.

    Big Sean may be right.


  2. markdub7 says:

    I’m glad that that father who beat that man to death for molesting his daughter won’t face charges. In the same situation, I’m pretty sure I would do the same thing.

    I hope that the lady who groped the TSA agent countersues and gets a big payday. She was the one who was touched inappropriately and then was forced to miss her brother’s funeral. SMH.

    This cat is bugging! How do you turn away life saving surgery to remain famous? Just keep your worlds biggest balls, then. Good luck with it.

    After the shite that was Ghoulish/em, I wouldn’t beef w/Pusha T any more either.


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