NBA Report: James Gets His Jewelry


Words by Phlip

This is me admitting I was wrong.

Well, this is me admitting I was wrong, but only after being right all along.
On December 26th, I said that Miami seemed like they had turned the corner.

Now, immediately after saying that, they fell back into the same nonsense that saw them lose embarrassingly to a team that was not better than them last year. Being that my relenting that they had gotten there was admittedly labored and reluctant, I was one of the ones who had them marked for dead when they couldn’t seem to have it together come star time due to not being able to get out of their own ways. Yes, as a non-fan of the collective and especially LeBron James, I loved every minute of their seemingly pending implosion. In the realm of sports, that is simply the law of the land.

Coming into the playoffs, they had some momentum in the late season, yes, and LeBron was the runaway MVP as I predicted on November 29th, but when the playoffs commenced, they made a habit of making teams who they clearly outclassed look way better than they deserved to. With that in mind, coming into the NBA Finals they had NOTHING resembling the momentum that the young Thunder had going for them and it looked to all involved – except of course Miami Heat fans – that OKC would take them like they had done the ONLY three teams to have won the Western Conference over the previous 13 seasons.

With the series tied at a game, and then Miami up 2 games to 1, it still looked like OKC had a chance, and I was willing to call it for them in 7 games instead of my initial 6, and then the referees decided to campaign on their own behalves for NBA Finals MVP and the Thunder were playing 5-on-8. Still, through it all; they STILL had a chance in the games in spite of Kevin Durant’s foul troubles and Russell Westbrook’s being the first person I have ever seen make Magic Johnson visibly mad, OKC’s downfall was that they just couldn’t extract enough offense from James Harden’s beard.

LeBron James won the NBA Finals MVP and deserved it, as Dwyane Wade appeared to have been trying to hide an injury of some sort and his play was less-than-stellar for the most of the second half of the playoffs. Many thanks can also be given to the roleplayers, namely Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers, both of whom came up with big enough offensive contributions to be respected by the defense, clearing the lane for LeBron, D-Wade and the referees to do their collective things. Much credit to Mike Miller for canning 3-pointers like nobody’s business in game 5.
Ladies and gentlefolk, your 2011-2012 NBA champions, the Miami Heat.

Now LeBron is 4 behind Kobe in the rings department.

I would LOVE to see David Stern try and explain off the farce of parity in the NBA, considering that we STILL have only had 10 different teams win the NBA Championship in the last 34 years. Since the current OKC Thunder are actually the old Seattle Supersonics, that number had no chance of changing this season.

Words by Phlip


One comment on “NBA Report: James Gets His Jewelry

  1. DV says:

    Maybe its just me but I dont think the Heat will win more then 2. Atleast not with Spoelstra as coach. The league is catching up to them quickly. In fact im going to predict the Thunder as next years champs. OKC’s big three are all no older then 23 with Perkins and Ibaka not much older and they reached the finals. The East is starting to mirror the West with depth of talented teams. And if one or both KG and/or Ray Allen leave Boston that opens up alot of cap money to attract talented players who would love to play for Doc Rivers. Im already looking forward to next year.

    Sidenote: The Lakers will have to pull the trigger on trading Gasol (and Artest/World Peace too if they are smart, then bring LO back on the mid level exception) if they want to be competitive past next year. They are screwed right now with no cap room and Sessions wants to get paid now.


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