In The News 6/25/12


Kelis Finally Comments On Nas Using Her Wedding Dress On His Album Cover » allhiphop

Mississippi May Be First US State With No Abortion Clinic » sunherald

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Suffers Heart Attack » hollywoodreporter

Mystery of Easter Island statues may be solved » nydailynews

Prodigy Reflects On Beef With Tupac Shakur » thisbeatgoes

Man Allegedly High On Bath Salts Beats Elderly Woman On Head With Shovel » nydailynews

Denver woman says she urinated on $30 million painting during bath salt bender » complex

Unfixable Computers Are Leading Humanity Down a Perilous Path » wired

What Black Men Can Learn from the Achievements of LeBron James » newsone

Your new nightmare: Facebook ads everywhere » cnet


2 comments on “In The News 6/25/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    As much as Kelis gets from NaS monthly, she’d better only say positive things about his artistic decisions; she would want to ensure that he continue to make the big checks so he ca keep writing those big checks.

    Anyone else read the comments section on the MS abortion article? SMH.

    Alex Trebek looks nowhere near 71, and it’s shocking that he’d have an a myocardial infarction (what is a heart attack, Alex?).

    It’s ill that it has taken us centuries to deduce how the Moai were transported. Ancient peoples were obviously a lot smarter than many of us credit them.

    The bath salts episodes get more & more ridiculous by the day…and yet people are still CHOOSING to DO this shit. SMH.


  2. eazy_ says:

    It’s not just computers. I can’t think of any gadget or device I use that is not more disposable than whatever it replaced. It’s business you could build things that last forever but what kind of business model is that?

    Bath Salts, not even once.

    Lebron James. Just once I want him to throw #5 out of the window. –Remain humble, yet confident– some how you like me now.

    I am tired of Kelis and Nas being so ‘classy’ to each other. They sound happier with each other than some married couples I know.


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