In The News 7/3/12


IRS Wants Singer Kelis To Fork Over $300K » newsone

Friday’s storms raise questions about safety of cloud computing » washingtonpost

Rapper Maino Shot While Performing (VIDEO) » globalgrind

Machine Gun Kelly Calls Yelawolf An “Old Man” » mtv

Is the ‘soda ban’ biased against blacks? » thegrio

Stunt Drivers Survive ‘Hot Wheels’ Double Loop, Cars Less Fortunate » wired

Study links physical punishment to later mental disorders » usatoday

Justin Bieber Loves Nicki Minaj’s Butt » theurbandaily

Hawks Agree to Deal Joe Johnson to Nets » yahoo

Will Smith and Jaden Smith’s Sci-Fi movie ‘After Earth’ » thegrio


One comment on “In The News 7/3/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Kelis has been making NaS fork over the dividends. Now, the guvment is making her do the same. Poetic justice?

    I think Old Man Yella would smash MGK in a battle. I’m waiting to see it happen.

    I’m glad those drivers survived the giant loops. It was kinda cool to see (but as the were only doing 52 mph, a little meh)

    Love her or hate her, Nicki’s ass is a sight to marvel at. Who can blame lil Biebs for liking that big phat ass

    Brooklyn would be a good look for Joe Johnson, especially if they can retain Deron Williams AND aquire Dwight Howard. Instant contender for the East.


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